Still Writing, Focused On My Blog These Days

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It has been a year since I last updated my portfolio site. During that time I have:
– Taken a sabbatical
– Gotten pregnant with my 4th child (due in June)
– Renewed my passion for my blog and have been investing heavily in it

I got a personal domain for my blog back in March and migrated it to a self-hosted server, so it is now: Check it out!


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My First Bi-Monthly Column!

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English: Zion Schoolhouse, Toronto

English: Zion Schoolhouse, Toronto (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I am officially a Columnist!

I am now the Frugal Foodie for Molly Green Magazine!

Molly Green is a “The Old Schoolhouse” Magazine subsidiary, with a digital format Magazine coming out every other month. The magazine focuses on how to live simply and frugally, within a Christian context. I will be sharing how our family has managed to live on a very low-income, with a focus on food, shopping, menu planning, and recipes.

The magazine is in eBook format and is available by subscription only here:

Good To Be Writing Again

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I don’t try to hide the fact that my family and my service to God comes before my writing. Therefore, I was on a Sabbatical from July of 2012 to March of 2013.

Now, my girls have gotten a little older, my training of them a little more through, and my heart a little lighter. So I am ready to start writing seriously again. I am updating my blog weekly, putting in queries to publications that I would be a good fit to write for, and I am working on my first publications – a Home Economics Curriculum series for elementary aged students.

Please contact me if you have a suitable project for me.


Client Spotlight: Elvia Magazine

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Elvia Magazine –

Elvia Magazine is a woman’s inspirational online magazine, declaring ‘Positivity and Opportunity Inspired Through Life’.

I met the Editor Michelle through a writers group on LinkedIn and appreciated this chance to break into the Woman’s Inspiration and Lifestyles market.

The article is the fun, true story about April’s home birth experience. It was written with some intent to persuade women to consider this form of birthing children. It does not go into any inappropriate details about the birth.

 The article, The Easiest Birth Ever,is available in the Pregnancy and Birth section.

If you are looking for a mature, conservative, practical, and heartfelt writer, please click the Clips and Samples Page if you want more, or click the Hire Me link to start a dialog about how I can bring my unique perspective to your publication.

A Schroader Family Blog: A Simple Life

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Schroader Family Writing Services announces their new blog: A Simple Life.

A Simple Life is a “Radical Departure from Today’s Consumer Driven World”.

It is about removing clutter, debt and things that are not healthy.

It is about finding peace, joy and calm in the simple things God has given us.

It is about one family’s walk with God and change from being driven by consumerism and flesh to being drive by heart and God.

A Simple Life is also a project to demonstrate April Schroaders’ writing ability in the Christian Writers Market.

Contact April by clicking the Hire Me link if you are interested in hiring her for your next blog, magazine or non-fiction book project.

Blogging for the Tech Industry

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software testing

software testing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Somehow, someway, I ended up a Tech Industry Blogger.

Why am I so surprised?

Because that isn’t what I originally intended to do. But now I am glad that I have done it.

Really, I have 10 years of experience in the Tech Industry, so it does make sense that I would combine my Freelance Writing with that Technical Experience. What is my experience? Oh, I am glad you asked;-)

5+ years in a Test Leadership (or Test Management) role.

10 years software testing

1+ year project management

10 years of writing 100’s of documents and 1000’s of communications.

5+ years with SQL

10 years with Windows

5+ years designing and/or developing test automation

Sounds like someone you want to write for you! Click my Hire Me link for more information or to discuss your next Tech Project.

Here are a couple of recent Bloggs I wrote for SPK (as part of the SPK Blogger Team):

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