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Blogging for the Tech Industry

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software testing

software testing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Somehow, someway, I ended up a Tech Industry Blogger.

Why am I so surprised?

Because that isn’t what I originally intended to do. But now I am glad that I have done it.

Really, I have 10 years of experience in the Tech Industry, so it does make sense that I would combine my Freelance Writing with that Technical Experience. What is my experience? Oh, I am glad you asked;-)

5+ years in a Test Leadership (or Test Management) role.

10 years software testing

1+ year project management

10 years of writing 100’s of documents and 1000’s of communications.

5+ years with SQL

10 years with Windows

5+ years designing and/or developing test automation

Sounds like someone you want to write for you! Click my Hire Me link for more information or to discuss your next Tech Project.

Here are a couple of recent Bloggs I wrote for SPK (as part of the SPK Blogger Team):




Schroader Family Writing Services Has Moved

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City Hall in Meridian, ID, USA

Image via Wikipedia

Schroader Family Writing Services has moved from New Plymouth, Idaho to Meridian, Idaho.

Honestly, in the mostly virtual world of Freelance Writing these days, I am not sure this move matters much. If I had more local clients, I am sure the update would be needed and appreciated. However, most of my work is online, which leaves me to update a lot of W-9s, but not much more.

Which is good, because I just moved with a 1-year-old, a 3-year-old and a 5-year-old. Obviously, I have plenty to do:-)

For those that read my blog, be it friend or professional, the move went well. We had a lot of help from friends and we are very grateful for them. We are almost unpacked and I have been sending off some queries already to find some additional clients. And I actually miss writing in the middle of all that packing and unpacking stuff.

Now if I could find somewhere to market my “Simple Living” column idea,…

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