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Somehow, someway, I ended up a Tech Industry Blogger.

Why am I so surprised?

Because that isn’t what I originally intended to do. But now I am glad that I have done it.

Really, I have 10 years of experience in the Tech Industry, so it does make sense that I would combine my Freelance Writing with that Technical Experience. What is my experience? Oh, I am glad you asked;-)

5+ years in a Test Leadership (or Test Management) role.

10 years software testing

1+ year project management

10 years of writing 100’s of documents and 1000’s of communications.

5+ years with SQL

10 years with Windows

5+ years designing and/or developing test automation

Sounds like someone you want to write for you! Click my Hire Me link for more information or to discuss your next Tech Project.

Here are a couple of recent Bloggs I wrote for SPK (as part of the SPK Blogger Team):


Business Writing Services: Marketing Email Sample

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Back in my tech days, a friend of mine and I considered starting our own IT Consulting Business. We both ended up getting busy with other projects, but I know that I enjoyed writing up the Business Plans, Marketing Materials, and Marketing Emails. Below is a sample of one of the Marketing Emails:

 Marketing E-mail – Tech Projects


 Are you sure that you are shipping the right product? Is your project behind schedule and/or over budget?

We can help your company get back on track. A&G Quality Assurance Consulting Services will save you time and money by implementing the various solutions to the following issues that can impact a project:

  • Engineering does not have all of the information of what the product should look like
  • The project/product keeps changing
  • Lack of communication
  • Losing touch with the Customer’s wants and needs
  • Lack of resources


  • Requirements development and management – A complete set of Requirements that are complete, testable, and unambiguous can help Engineers understand what the product should be, thereby alleviating lost time to reworking the design and code. We can develop solid Requirements and implement Change Management for you, to ensure your ability to get the product right the first time through.
  • Requirements and other documentation review and testing – Testing documentation before or during the start of coding can eliminate as much as half the bugs typically found in a project. We can test and review this documentation, which can mean saving weeks worth of code rework and bug fixes.
  • QA Processes and communication – even some simple processes can alleviate headaches and schedule slides due to miscommunication between Management and Engineering. We can develop and implement a QA plan to make your project more efficient and effective.
  • Using the right life-cycle methodology for the product – if a product or project keeps changing to meet new developments in the market, then a methodology that has shorter time frames with specific negotiated features can help you respond to the market quicker. We can strategize with you to design and implement the best methodology.
  • Usability Studies and Use Cases – Keep your finger on your current and potential markets by sitting down with Customers and finding out how they will really use the system. This can decrease time to market and increase sales. We can run Usability sessions and lead Use Cases development efforts to achieve this effect.

Many companies do not start their projects with Quality Assurance staffing or Vendors in place because they feel that they can not afford it. The truth of the matter is, studies over the past 10 years of technical projects show that too many project fail or fall behind because these techniques and process are not implemented from the beginning, thereby actually costing the company more money in the long run.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more:


Phone: 123-465-7890

We are available on a very reasonable hourly contract basis. Our resume and references are available upon request.

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