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Schroader Family Writing Services announces their new blog: A Simple Life.

A Simple Life is a “Radical Departure from Today’s Consumer Driven World”.

It is about removing clutter, debt and things that are not healthy.

It is about finding peace, joy and calm in the simple things God has given us.

It is about one family’s walk with God and change from being driven by consumerism and flesh to being drive by heart and God.

A Simple Life is also a project to demonstrate April Schroaders’ writing ability in the Christian Writers Market.

Contact April by clicking the Hire Me link if you are interested in hiring her for your next blog, magazine or non-fiction book project.


Client Spotlight: Textbroker


My newest client as a Freelance Writer is Textbroker.
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I have been writing for Textbroker for over a month now. I just write a little here and little there, and I have completed 8 articles for them so far. Since writing for Textbroker is ghostwriting, I am not able to post the articles on my blog. However, I do have the copies and can send them as samples to any perspective clients.

I have been writing articles about Technology, Business, and Health and Wellness. The writing has been challenging, and I have learned a lot in just the short amount of time.
I plan on writing for Textbroker until my queue is full of direct clients.

Breaking Into Travel Writing

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Actually, I don’t have any “secrets” of breaking into travel writing, as I am just starting out on this little endeavor. But don’t go away to quickly, as I do have a starting point, and that is something many aspiring writers lack.

And who knows, maybe I will discover some secrets as I go.

The first thing I am doing is getting some practice. I discovered, when planning my trip, how helpful TripAdvisor was for finding hotels, restaurants, and things to do. Therefore, I thought that this would be a great starting place to practice some simple travel review writing. It does not pay anything, but you do get feedback from other users of the site, and that is worth quite a bit to the novice writer.

Here is a link to my Trip Advisor profile if you want to see what I am writing: http://www.tripadvisor.com/members-reviews/ASchroader .

Check back again soon to see what other writing adventures I am about to embark on!

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